Wichita Botanica Rock the Dress Portrait Session | Bridget + Matt

You may remember Bridget and Matty from this post and this post.  It was a pretty chilly morning for our session, but these two were such troopers, and I think we got some great photos.  These are some of my favorites from this session.

It occurred to me the night before our session that Bridget wouldn’t have a bouquet since her real wedding bouquet had to be left behind in Las Vegas.  So I made a last-minute trip to Michael’s and fashioned up one myself.  I’m definitely no florist, but it added some color and served its purpose for the photos.  I have to admit, it was actually kind of fun to make it!

Ten years ago, Bridget’s beautiful mom, Kathleen, passed away after a long battle with cancer.  In the weeks leading up to Bridget and Matty’s wedding, I could see Bridget was really feeling the weight of sadness that her mom was not going to be here on her wedding day with her.  After almost a year of getting to know each other, Bridget and I had become great friends.  After all the craziness and disappointments that Bridget had gone thru after their venue suddenly closed down three months before their wedding date, I really wanted to do something special for Bridget.  As a bride, she handled all the curve balls thrown her way with planning their wedding with more grace and poise than anyone I know.  Aside from that, she is an amazing, kind, and generous person, and I’m so blessed that we’ve become friends.  So, I had this idea…

The day before they left for Vegas, while Bridget was out getting her hair done, Matty helped sneak a photo of Kathleen out of their apartment, so that I could have this bracelet made for Bridget.  Thanks so much for helping me pull this off, Matty!!!

I gave Bridget her bracelet in Vegas before all the girls started getting ready for the wedding.  I wanted her to have something that would remind her that her Mom is always with her, and that she WOULD be there with her on her wedding day.  I still can’t look at it without tearing up at the resemblance between Bridget and Kathleen.  I wish I could have had the privilege of meeting Kathleen because I know she had a huge part in making Bridget the wonderful person that she is today.

Since Bridget’s having her dress preserved, I wanted to capture all the tiny little details on it for her to remember  it by.

This is how she looks at her Matty.

Since Bridget and Matt were married in Vegas but had already paid for their wedding cakes, they decided to host a cake party with all their friends to help devour the yummy wedding cakes!  Such a great idea, and the cake was SO yummy!  If you’re looking for a great vendor to order your wedding cakes from, definitely check out W.O.W. Cakes.  (Just fyi, the smudge on the cake’s bottom tier was something that happened AFTER it had already been delivered.)

The cakes were too pretty not to include a couple photos in this post.  🙂

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